5 Reasons Why You Should Transition to Skills-Based Hiring

Download our business case on the key benefits of skills-based hiring to help employers and hiring managers build a stronger workforce.

Discover 5 key ways to improve your talent strategy by tapping into a diverse pool of workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes, or STARs.

Access a larger talent pool

Improve your company's diversity

Identify and hire better quality candidates

Increase retention rates & reduce staffing costs

Build a stronger, more resilient workforce

Don’t screen out half your talent pool

While a bachelor’s degree is the most commonly recognized pathway to high-wage work, it isn’t an accessible pathway for many workers. STARs build valuable and critical skills through work experience, credentialed training, apprenticeships, and other routes.

From 2000 to 2020, STARs were excluded from 7.4 million high-quality roles they had the skills to perform. These positions are now filled by college graduates, a shift that has displaced over half the U.S. workforce from jobs that offered upward mobility and economic security.

STARs have the skills for middle- and high-wage roles. Imagine the talent employers could access by removing unnecessary degree requirements from job descriptions.

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